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The route to healthy teeth & gums

In dentistry prevention is always better than cure. Denplan Essential is a preventative care programme designed specifically to provide you with the highest quality treatment, advice and management of your teeth and gums. This in turn will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease thus reducing the need for fillings and extractions.

Regular visits to this dental practice for examinations and consultations are an essential part of our preventative care programme and enable us to carefully monitor the health of your mouth. We will check your teeth for signs of decay and examine the gums for evidence of disease. The soft tissues will be examined for other problems including oral cancer. These visits will also enable us to remove any deposits from your teeth that may contribute towards future tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, we will advise on the procedures that you need to be carrying out at home including advice on diet which is another key element towards our goal of healthy teeth and gums.

What Denplan covers

Worldwide emergency cover

Registration with your Dentist

Guaranteed access to quality dental care

Six monthly examination, scale and polishing

All necessary digital x-rays

All necessary consultations

Advice on preventative oral care and diet

Special prices on oral health products

Reduced rates on routine fillings

All payments are collected on monyhly direct debit for convenience and peace of mind

Caring for your smile

Despite the increasing interest in healthy living and exercise, many of us are still either confused or complacent about how to care for our mouth. A good start is making sure you have the correct tools. But there are so many different kinds of products on the market and choosing what’s right for you can be a problem. Fortunately there is a very simple solution. Just ask your dentist or a member of the dental team for advice. That way you’ll be sure that you’re buying the correct products and that you’re doing your very best to preserve your smile.

Although our primary focus is preventative care, by joining Denplan as an independent patient, free of NHS consultants, we can offer you a much wider range of treatments and cosmetic options. By using the latest methods and materials the treatment and appearance of decayed, damaged, discoloured, twisted, misshapen and missing teeth can be dramatically improved.

For further information please ask any member of our dental team.


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Last modified: February 2006